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22. septiembre 2008 03:51
by Gunner
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Relato: "Mistic tower of Kead". Capítulo I.

22. septiembre 2008 03:51 by Gunner | 4 Comentarios


Bueno Señores, hoy toca relato.

Se trata de un pequeño texto que me pidieron que escribiese como examen final de curso intensivo de inglés.

Ese día me pregunté: "¿Angel, vas a escribir el típico texto aburrido hablando de que me ha parecido el curso, los compañeros, la profe y bla bla blá?". La respuesta fue "NO". Me dije vamos a hacer algo original,  y miren por donde, me dio el avenate de la ciencia-ficción. Espero que les guste. 

* Mistic tower of Kead *

chapter 1


It was a long time ago, a very long time.

As all of us landed on the earth, we had to fight against the extreme heat of the, other times wild region of “Amazonian”, as old Spanish travellers called it, desert of what human ambition and had turned the planet surface.
We walked for three days before a single bit of the jungle could be seen in the foggy horizon. As the sun rose higher we noticed it was even further, so we started to think that it was only an optical illusion. We went on walking.
The next tree days we started discussing if we were lost or not. Our chats turned to be more aggressive and the smiles in our faces vanished as food and water despaired from our bags, our legs were like jelly…
In a last effort to find our objective, we launched our small recognisance plane to the air, with the hope of being able to get to the fallen Angel. The Angel still was hiding a surprise.
Finally, our small plane on its range limit gave us the position of The Angel. Far from the supposed falling place, but still intact, and as we got near it we dropped our heavy backpacks and water bottles. We all ran towards it, to discover it was strangely intact.

- Why so good state? – We asked each other.

Truman was the first Gunner to touch the surface of The Angel, and the first to die saying.

- I am the winner, the price is mine – It was as he said, but for so little time…

He started a travel of no return, as other two more soldiers lately understood.

This was only the beginning of our odyssey. But wait, dear reader much more is to come.


Stellar time 23064.25.Sect-436B.
Colonel Hank Morrison.



Un saludo, Caballeros!!!.

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