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13. marzo 2009 01:18
by Gunner
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Relato: "Mistic tower of Kead", Capítulo II.

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Bueno Señores, hoy toca relato, de nuevo. Se que es un mal día para los supersticiosos pero, para el resto, es tan buen día como cualquier otro.

Se trata de la segunda parte de un pequeño texto que me pidieron que escribiese como examen final de curso intensivo de inglés.

Espero que les guste. Ah, y pueden leer la primera parte aquí.

* Mistic tower of Kead *

chapter 2


As soon as he noticed their deaths, he shot a burst at the feet on his men, and shout:

    - Keep away from the Angel, and don’t try to touch it.

The Angel shined under the bright of the sun, and curiously it was just above it, so there were no shadows on the ground. An idea flashed through his mind about the date when they found it, but despaired quickly as he saw his three gunners lying on the ground.

Dear reader, Colonel Hank Morrison was one of those soldiers created to serve and protect the ideals of the free colonies, and until now he never had to lead a military reconnaissance team. He was designed to be fast, reliable and obedient, but on his first mission he was a bit nervous.

    - Why me? – he thought – among the other comrades, why me?

He knew that there was any reason to be chosen, but looking at his three men dead, he understood that they had made a mistake. His training at The Block, was led by Sergeant Li Ling Nasser, who served time along under the command of Admiral Dewei. He brilliantly passed the training period like the other did, but leading forces was reserved for experienced soldiers not for him, not for an American official.

As all you know, Americans lost the war. They had the power, they had the technology, they had the weapons, but they were weak. They couldn’t cope with looses and with Europe as hostages they had to surrender. Since those days, American soldiers were considered merely cannon fodder.

Dear reader much more is to come.


Stellar time 23064.41.Sect-436B.
Colonel Hank Morrison.


Un saludo, Caballeros!!!.

P.d.: Como mal alumno que soy seguro que he cometido algún error, no duden en comunicármelo. Gracias.


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